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Servicing FAQ's

American Southwest Mortgage Funding Corp. will not be the permanent servicer of your loan.  The sale of your loan and the arrangement for the permanent servicing of your loan will be completed shortly after your loan closing.  Because we will service your loan for a relatively short time, we do not provide an automatic payment service.  Automatic payment service can usually be established immediately after your loan is placed with the permanent servicer.

American Southwest Mortgage Funding Corp. makes every attempt to place your loan with a new Servicer before you run out of temporary coupons. Sometimes it may take us a little longer. If you are out of temporary coupons and have not received a billing statement, please contact the Servicing Department.  Email for the servicing department is servicing@amswmtg.com or calls may be made to 1-888-593-1003.

American Southwest Mortgage Funding Corp. frequently receives loan payments after the sale of a loan. We work with all of our loan purchasers to assure that any payment we receive after a sale will be promptly remitted to the new servicer and that your account will be credited in a timely manner.

American Southwest Mortgage Funding Corp. will work to transfer your loan to the new Servicer as quickly as possible. When this happens, you will receive two letters to confirm the transfer. One letter is from us and is called a Notice of Transfer letter (or a goodbye letter). The goodbye letter notifies you that we have sold the servicing of your loan and provides details on the sale. At the same time your new Servicer will send you a similar Notice of Transfer letter (the hello letter). The hello letter will inform you when you should start making payments to the new Servicer and will also provide customer service addresses and telephone numbers for the new servicer.  Please pay close attention to the due dates contained in these letters to assure that you begin making your payments to your new Servicer without interruption.

American Southwest Mortgage Funding Corp, in accordance with compliance rules and regulations, is only authorized to discuss specific loan details with parties that are obligated on the note and mortgage. This is to protect your privacy. Callers will be asked a few questions to confirm that we are speaking with an authorized borrower before proceeding to discuss details of a loan.

Your loan number can be found on the closing documents that were provided at the loan closing. If you are unable to determine the correct loan number, please contact our Servicing Department. The first payment date and the amount of your payment is detailed on the First Payment Letter. A copy of the First Payment Letter was included your loan closing documents.  An additional copy of the First Payment Letter will be sent to you immediately after your loan has closed. 

Payments may be sent to the below address:

American Southwest Mortgage Funding Corp.

P.O. Box 575

Okemah, OK 74859

Please include your loan number with all submitted payments and ensure that all payments are received prior to the 15th of the month in order to avoid late charges.

Currently, American Southwest Mortgage Funding Corp. is not able to receive payments over the telephone or online. Your financial institution may be able to coordinate your online payment if your bank offers that service. We accept payment in the form of a personal check, bank check, cashier’s check or money order. Payments may be mailed or delivered in person in our Oklahoma City Corporate location.

American Southwest Mortgage Funding Corp. was pleased to assist in the underwriting and funding of your home purchase or refinance. The majority of our loans are transferred to a new Servicer by the time the second payment is due. On occasion we need to service your loan for an additional time before the transfer of your loan is completed. If your loan is not placed with a new servicer before you have used all three of your temporary coupons, we will send a monthly statement that details the payment due and other pertinent information about your loan.